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Red Cliff Parts I/II International Version Blu Ray $16 Amazon.com

trustrsx 394 January 4, 2011 at 06:08 AM in Entertainment (3) More Amazon Deals
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Red Cliff Parts I/II [amazon.com]

Note: The only audio available is Mandarin: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
There is no English dub, only subtitles.
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this movie made me want to commit suicide for how horrible it was......

How chinese cinema has fallen. If you want to watch something decent, try Ip Man
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Quote from zoglog View Post :
this movie made me want to commit suicide for how horrible it was......

How chinese cinema has fallen. If you want to watch something decent, try Ip Man
Interesting. I've seen both and can easily say Red Cliff is better than Ip Man (not saying Ip Man was bad).
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Quote from kharvel View Post :
OK, someone please explain the Parts 1 and 2 to me.

I have seen Red Cliff on DVD - the original Chinese/HK version with no cut scenes like the US version. It spanned 2 or possibly 3 DVD discs if I remember correctly. Is everybody saying that this 2-3 disc set is just the Part 1? This is the movie that ended in the naval battle with ships set on fire, etc.

So Part 2 would be an entirely different movie also spanning 2-3 DVD discs? Is this understanding correct?
I think you are misunderstanding.

This Part 1/Part 2 is a 2 disc Bluray with the complete 290 minutes (more or less) and should be the entire Red Cliff movie and as far as I know this should be identical to the entire original Chinese 2 part release of Red Cliff.

Red Cliff I (originally 148-150 minutes released in 2008) with Chinese Title "Chi bi" (ends with the miniature ships being set on fire)
Red Cliff II (142 minutes released in 2009) with Chinese title "Chi bi xia: Jue zhan tian xia"

The original US Theatrical release (and DVD) of Red Cliff was only a single movie and was a 140 minutes edited from the whole 4hr+ of both movies.

The UK special edition is 290+ minutes and should be identical to this posting except for about 20 seconds of material edited out of "Animal Cruelty" to meet British movie standards (basically stunt horses falling during the battle scenes).
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I was just about to post this deal, but I see someone beat me to it, and by a week no less. I got some rips off the Bay, and there's no way I can live without this in my collection. In for a set, for sure!

Quote from sacterre View Post :
Apparently I didn't know it was based on Romance... my apologies. In my defense, most Chinese propaganda films today seem to use similar themes (unite, we are all one, don't be an individual), I get a little tired of it all.
This is nothing new. I'm a huge fan of classic kung fu movies, and some of the Communist propaganda is incredibly blatant. One of the most glaring examples is an old Jackie Chan movie (Shaolin Wooden Men, or New Fist of Fury perhaps? it's been a while and I can't remember the movie well) where Jackie grabs individual chopsticks, which he breaks easily, then grabs an entire bundle and challenges his colleagues to break the entire bundle at once, and insists upon this metaphor that if they stand united they can overcome the Japanese occupation force terrorizing their village. Though it is an apt and relevant metaphor for the context, it's quite obviously propaganda (and worse, it's injecting the philosophy in an anachonistic fasion, in the days before the Cultural Revolution occured).

Quote from pullmyfinger View Post :
Yea I'm sorry they didn't change history to your liking
Aww . . . cut him some slack - most history is loosely based on truth, anyhow, and tends to favour whomever is relaying the account: the numbers of Persians at Thermopylae vary greatly between the Grecian and Persian historian accounts, Cleopatra was depicted on Ptolymaic coins as plain and average, but the Romans painted her as insanely beautiful and as such was only able to achieve power through seducing the helplessly enchanted Caesar and Antony with her looks alone, because Romans hated women and didn't believe a woman would be intelligent or strategic enough to forge a political or military alliance through seduction and subsequent heir-bearing. Atilla was seen as a sort of Anti-Christ figure by Romans and Europeans, but the Turks and Hungarians greatly revered him, so much so that Atilla is still a common name in these lands. Et cetera. As the saying goes - history is written by the victors.

But your point is still valid - based on the literary source material, there's only so much wiggle room available for poetic license and historical revisioning here (I don't know how much disparate material is available to draw from during this era - Romance of the Three Kingoms is as definitive as one can get). See Ridley Scott's epics if you're into history based very very loosely on facts. A film set during the Warring States period, however, could be highly controversial and debateable on accuracy given the number of factions, agendas, and differing takes on events.

That being said, I hope Woo does another epic like this . . . one chronicaling the rise and ultimate victory of the Qin would be a great subject. nod
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