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Over 50 Free Magazine Subscriptions

ANTISLEEP 36 October 5, 2003 at 04:44 PM
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yes i know i got really bored today... i've sign up for plenty of them already.. have phun Big Grin

EDIT: also if ne1 knows of any free subscriptions to car magazines that would be great.. heard there is an AUTOWEEK floating around some where but cant find that link anywhere... THANK YOU

Upscale - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailup...elcome.htm

Cruise Travel - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailcr...elcome.htm

Tips & Tricks - http://www.freebizmag.com/realone...elcome.htm

Mac Addict - http://www.freebizmag.com/macaddi...elcome.htm

Vegetarian Times - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailvege01welcome.htm

Black Enterprise - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailen...elcome.htm

Kiplinger's Personal Finance - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailki...elcome.htm

C++ Users Journal - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailcp...elcome.htm

Interview - http://www.freebizmag.com/realone...elcome.htm

Cats & Kittens - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailcat02Welcome.html

Saltwater Flyfishing - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailsa...elcome.htm

Crappie - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailcr...elcome.htm

Computer Gaming - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailcg...elcome.htm

Travel America - http://www.freebizmag.com/mypoint...come_2.htm

Electronic House - http://www.freebizmag.com/emaileh02welcome.htm

New York Observer - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailNe...elcome.htm

PC Magazine - http://www.freebizmag.com/edgarpc...elcome.htm

Golf Tips - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailgo...elcome.htm

PC Magazine - http://www.freebizmag.com/pcmagdi...elcome.htm

Horse Illustrated - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailho...elcome.htm

Bassin - http://www.freebizmag.com/bassinad01welcome.htm

The American Prospect - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailpr...lcome.html

Charisma - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailch...elcome.htm

Bowling Digest - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailbo...elcome.htm

Arthritis Today - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailar...elcome.htm

PC Photo - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailpc...elcome.htm

X-Box - http://www.freebizmag.com/xboxad03welcome.htm

Seventeen - http://www.freebizmag.com/sevente...elcome.htm

Digital Home - http://www.freebizmag.com/emaildi...elcome.htm

Two - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailtwo02welcome.htm

PSM Playstation - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailpsm02welcome.htm

Latina - http://www.magscentral.com/latina/

Working Mother - http://www.magscentral.com/wm/wm3w3.htm

Field & Stream - http://www.magscentral.com/fs/bigfishtackle/

Golf for Women - http://www.magscentral.com/gfw/3h4.htm

Golf Digest - http://www.magscentral.com/golfdigest/sugarloaf/

Life Extension - http://www.magazine-city.net/life...ension.asp

Dance - http://www.magazine-city.net/dance/dance.asp

Working Mother - http://www.magazine-city.net/work...mother.asp

Hispanic - https://www.ezsubscription.com/cg...key=7INETC

Washington Golf Monthly - http://www.thewgm.com/misc/subscribepgm.htm

Breathe Easy Magazine - http://www.californialung.org/ALA...ml#subform

Today's Chemist at Work - http://www.tradepub.com/free/tcaw/

Call Center - http://www.tradepub.com/free/cc/

Communications Convergence - http://www.tradepub.com/free/ct/

Baseline - http://www.tradepub.com/free/bsl/

Printing Impressions - http://www.tradepub.com/free/pti/

CIO Insight - http://www.tradepub.com/free/ist/

CFO - http://www.tradepub.com/free/cf/

Microwave Journal - http://www.tradepub.com/free/mwj/

American Trucker - http://www.trucker.com/subReqAT.asp

Stuff - http://www.hotimportnights.com/st...ff_mag.htm

GamePro - www.gamespy.com/arcade/gamepro.shtml

Live South - http://www.livesouth.com/nls/t_freemag.asp

Breathe Easy - http://www.californialung.org/ALA...heasy.html

Sex Health - http://www.freebizmag.com/sexheal...lcome.Html

New Conservative Journal - http://www.freebizmag.com/ncjad03Welcome.Html

Outstanding Wines - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailow...lcome.Html

Black Enterprise - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailen...elcome.htm

Computer Graphics World Magazine - http://www.omeda.com/cgi-win/cgw.cgi

Hunting Illustrated - http://www.huntingillustrated.com...gazine.htm

Outdoor Guide - http://www.outdoorguidemagazine.c...eecopy.htm

Wedding Bells - http://www.mediabrains.com/Client...ue=RS_Link

Nurse Week - http://www.nurseweek.com/subscrip...n_free.asp

Charisma - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailch...elcome.htm

Animal Crusaders - http://www.fund.org/learning/z9_f...scribe.asp

Country Music Today - http://www.cmt.com/store/cmtmag/

Focus On Imaging - http://bizreport.tradepub.com/free/foi/

Modern Drug Discovery - http://bizreport.tradepub.com/free/mdd/

Wireless Systems Design - http://bizreport.tradepub.com/free/wsd/

Men's Journal - http://www.batteries.com/survey.asp

Control Solutions International - http://bizreport.tradepub.com/free/ics/

Energy Markets - http://bizreport.tradepub.com/free/ek/

Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals - http://bizreport.tradepub.com/free/ffn/

Marine Log - http://bizreport.tradepub.com/free/ml/

Handy - http://visitors.handymanclub.com/...n=9D03AC09

Psoriasis Connections - https://psoriasisconnect.mckesson...o0Qh9b3dkY|-3463136119079414614/-788644670/6/7001/7001/7002/7002/7001/-1

Sawing Solutions - http://www.sawingsolutions.com/freesub.html

Art & Frame Review - http://www.go-star.com/framer/subscription.htm

PostCards - http://www.carlsontravel.com/Maga...azinea.htm

Her Atlanta - http://www.heratlanta.com/magazin.../index.htm

Kitchen Style - http://www.armstrong.com/kitchens..._guide.jsp

American Baby - https://secure.americanbaby.com/b...ffersquest

American Bird Conservation - http://www.abcbirds.org/membershi...issue2.htm

Home Education - http://www.home-ed-magazine.com/O..._info.html

Miracle - http://www.wyrecompute.com/pg/pgammons.nsf/wcd

eWeek - http://www.subscriptionnetwork.ne...2&pid=1006

Computer World - http://www.subscriptionnetwork.ne...1&pid=1027

Network World - http://www.subscriptionnetwork.ne...3&pid=1028

Diabetes Digest - http://www.diabetesdigest.com/DD_...iption.htm

Remedy - http://www.omeda.com/cgi-win/rx.cgi?p=realage

Computer Graphics World - http://www.omeda.com/cgi-win/cgw.cgi

Cub Chronicle - http://www.babycenter.com/pottytr...plus.jhtml

Feat - http://www.rockport.com/scripts/c...cribe.html

Stroke Connection - http://www.strokeassociation.org/...ifier=2541

National Liberty Journal - http://www.falwell.com/nlj.php

4 Wheel Parts - http://www.4wheelparts.com/registration.asp

Animal Sheltering - http://www.hsus2.org/forms/as_sample.html

Go Boating - http://www.boatowners.com/goboatingnew.htm

Today's Chiropractic - http://www.todayschiropractic.com...on-us.html

High Defenition - http://www.highdef.org/magazine/Subscription.asp

Travel America - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailtr...elcome.htm

Interview - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailin...elcome.htm

Cruise Travel - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailcr...elcome.htm

Crappie World - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailcr...elcome.htm

Saltwater Fly Fishing - http://www.freebizmag.com/emailsa...elcome.htm
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Ohh my, thanks! Smilie
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Wow! That's a lot! Thanks.

Anyone know a successful combo for Vegetarian Times?!?
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Wow thanx a lot. But do u know what combination u used to get PSM? I cant figure it out. If u remember it would be a great help. Thanx again
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also, with most of these magazines, when u go to fill out the form, it also asks u if u want to recieve FHM for free woot
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does anyone know the combination for these magazines? :

Computer Gaming
PC Magazine
PSM Playstation

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if u want the digital one, other/student - other/student/student will work.

if u want the printed one, i couldn't find a combo that worked either.

i'm just getting the digital one, then going to http://www.zdmcirc.com/zdmcirc/di...tml#change after 2 weeks and getting it converted to print.
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I also need the combo for Computer Gaming, Xbox, as well as Tips & Tricks. Tried the usual other, student, other, student, student, but they don't have any subscriptions available.
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L4: Apprentice
36 Reputation
Original Poster
hmm i never tired the psm and tips & tricks but the computer gaming and x-box i ordered.. did i think computers and then something else... i am working on tryin to firgure out a combo for psm and tips & tricks for y'all now

and yes i forgot to add with all the freebizmag.com they ask u if u want a 2 year free subscription to FHM
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L4: Apprentice
36 Reputation
Original Poster

for VEGETARIAN TIMES i used this combo:


food / bev / acc



general management



and still working on PSM and TIPS & TRICKS for u guys... thank u
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woa thats a whole lotta mags if you would have did seperate links for each you would have ben l99 master or something lol anyways thnx for the free mags
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L4: Apprentice
36 Reputation
Original Poster
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Anyone know the combination to get MacAddict? Thanks.

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The student combo worked for me, almost always works for me with every mag.
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Anyone getting any luck with Cats & Kittens?
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