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Many Bluetooth GPS receivers - Starting at $27 + Shipping

ShengD 1,659 September 24, 2007 at 02:56 PM in Laptops (9) More TomTom Deals
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Bluetooth GPS Round-up:

If you have a laptop, modern PDA, or even an advanced cell phone, chances are there is great GPS software for your device that can interface with many Bluetooth GPS receivers. GPS can be used for driving directions, Geo-caching, logging pictures, and creating great custom travel maps that can be overlaid on Google Maps. Now, so many GPS receivers are so cheap, why not get one.

In celebration of my 300th post, I thought I'd post a deal about one of my favorite hobbies. Smilie

The Technology:

There are still many differences within the current generation of GPS receivers, but there is one thing to keep in mind. The quality, size, sensitivity, and battery lives of any of these receivers are vastly superior to the best receivers of only a couple short years ago. The two main chipsets in use are Sirf III and MTK. There is a lot of dispute right now as to which is the superior technology, but both are highly sensitive (you can usually just leave the device in your pocket while traveling around, and they often work inside of building and in tall cities). MTK does seem to have a superior battery life (15-25 hours), but Sirf III is still a great alternative. For some size-perspective, the biggest of these is smaller than an unsheathed pager. On average, they're about 2/3 the size of a pack of playing cards

Here are many to choose from for under $50:

All of these receivers come with mounts and chargers. Please let me know if there is a problem with the promo code on any of these so I can update the post.

GlobalSat BT 328 SiRF GSC2 High Performance Bluetooth GPS(Your Choice of Free Mount)- $29.99 - $3 (Promo Code AX10) = $27 + Shipping
  • New SiRF GSC2 high performance and low power consumption chipset
  • Communication with Host Platform via Bluetooth Serial Profile
  • Built-in ceramic patch antenna
  • Support NMEA0183 data protocol
  • 3 LED to show the status of GPS/Bluetooth/Battery
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Operation time: 16 hours, in continuous mode
  • Auto power-off, if Bluetooth is not connected to any devices within 10 minutes
  • Bluetooth operation range: 10
i-Blue Edition 2 (i-Blue 737) - High Sensitivity Bluetooth GPS Receiver (32 channel, WAAS, Auto On/Off) (Your Choice of Free Mount) - $49.99 - $5 (Promo Code AX10) = $45 + Shipping
  • The patented Smart Power Save and Auto On/Off technology offers 25 hours battery life on one single charge.
  • Great Performance - i-Blue 737 Bluetooth GPS receiver is equipped with the new 32 channels MTK chipset which offers ultra high sensitivity at -158dBm (tracking) and lower power consumption at 42mA.
  • Auto On/Off - When you use i-Blue 737 for the first time, just power up and place the receiver under the windshield in car. Anytime when a paired PDA or laptop computer with Bluetooth connectivity is onboard, i-Blue will wake up on Bluetooth for your navigating usage. When Bluetooth signal is not present, i-Blue will go into sleeping mode automatically (Slow blinking blue LED).
  • Best Accuracy - i-Blue 737 supports DGPS (RTCM protocol, WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) for great accuracy at 2.5
Holux M1000 32 Channel MTK Bluetooth GPS Receiver (Bonus AC Charger) (Sale: Now thru 9/28) - $44.99 - $4.50 (Promo Code AX10) = $40.50 + Shipping
  • 32 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition.
  • Superior sensitivity up to -159 dBm.
  • Built-in WAAS/EGNOS Demodulator without any additional hardware. Or use the high-sensitive software to get the fast acquisition and reacquisition in the urban, canyon and foliage environments.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) completely.
  • Low power consumption. Built-in rechargeable and changeable Lithium-ion battery, the working time can last 23 hours maximum.
QSTARZ BT-Q816 32 Channel Bluetooth GPS Receiver (32 ch, 25 hr, WAAS, Auto On/Off) (Your Choice of Free Mount) - $48.95 - $4.89 (Promo Code AX10) = $44.06 + Shipping
  • QSTARZ BT Q816 32 Chanel Bluetooth GPS Receiver adopts MTK chipset with high sensitivity to -158dBm (Static Navigation is turned OFF, hence suitable for both walking and car navigation)
  • Qstarz Q816 has to 25hrs operating time for GPS navigation
  • 32-Channel all-in-view tracking for fast acquisition and reacquisition
  • Fast Position Fix ,Cold start 36s, Warn start 33s, Hot start 1second.
  • Support WAAS / EGNOS
GlobalTop G33 51 channel MTK Ultra Low Power Bluetooth GPS Receiver w/ Smart2go 7-day Trial Version (WAAS, 20hr, Auto Off) (Intro Offer: Free Shipping) - $49.95 - $5 (Promo Code AX10) = $45 + Free Shipping.
  • High Sensitivity, -158dBm(Tracking)
  • Built in MTK MT3318 Low power consumption GPS chipset. (Static Navigation is turned OFF, hence suitable for both walking and car navigation)
  • 51 channel all in view tracking, supported WAAS and EGNOS
  • Fast Position Fix, Cold start <36s, Hot start <1s
  • Superior Urban Canyon Performance
Adapt AD-800 Bluetooth GPS Receiver (SiRF III, Auto Off) (Sale: Now thru 9/28) - $39.99 - $4 (Promo Code AX10) = $36 + Shipping
  • SiRF Star III high receiving sensitivity and fast position fix GPS chipset.
  • Superior receiving sensitivity for urban canyon and foliage environment.
  • Bluetooth interface connection for host system without annoyed cable.
  • Wide range Bluetooth operating distance up to 10 meters in maximum.
OnCourse Bluetooth GPS Receiver Edition 3 (WAAS enabled) - $49.99 - $5 (Promo Code AX10) = $45 + Shipping.
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Last Edited by MozartA September 25, 2007 at 07:41 AM
AX10 cannot use... at least for me

Quote from Jeb View Post :
I had the same question and emailed them. Here is their response:

Due to the already deeply discounted price, they could not accommodate any further discounts and this is clearly stated on the product page as "Discount is not applicable to this item."


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Joined Dec 2005
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So, which is the best over all one for use with both a PDA and Laptop?
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Joined Aug 2007
L4: Apprentice
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I have a Holux M-1000. It works great with TomTom 6 and my Treo 650 and my i-mate PDA2. Very handy for those of us that don't want to have to deal with a whole separate GPS unit. I know i don't use my GPS very often, but when I do, all I have to do is turn on the receiver, run TomTom on my phone, and I'm set. Much more portable than a separate unit too.
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Joined Jan 2004
L6: Expert
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Quote from ShengD;8091322[B :
GlobalSat BT 328 SiRF GSC2 High Performance Bluetooth GPS(Your Choice of Free Mount)- $29.99 - $3 (Promo Code AX10) = $27 + Shipping
Thanks for the roundup, very nice, +4 reps to you.
This one for $27 is a tempting price, do you have any reviews on this one? I've never heard of that name before.
"Not Bad!" (aka pretty good) review here
This guy really likes it and gives it 4.5/5.0
excellent review here
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Joined Jul 2005
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what gps receiver is the best to get?
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Joined Aug 2006
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I use Telenav on my phone. Works great! Downside - no cell signal = no GPS signal.
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Joined Dec 2004
L6: Expert
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I'm tempted to get the $27 one too but am afraid of the "you get what you paid for" deal....

Which one of these is good to get? Where can we buy the software for a decent price?
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Joined Dec 2005
L7: Teacher
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Original Poster
I have personally used the Holux GPSlim 236 and the QStarz Q1000 Data Logger, but neither of them are on the list (they are between $50-100). However, there are different models of Holux and GPSlim that are very similar to mine. I have had great experiences with them in the US, Europe and Taiwan. They both have interfaced well with my TomTom 6 on my PDA and iGuidance on my Laptop. I really can't complain about either, but I have been very impressed by the battery life on my Qstarz (24 hours!).
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Joined Dec 2005
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Original Poster
I started this thread out for the $27 GlobalSat, but broadened it once I saw how cheap these all were. From what I have seen GlobalSat is a very well respected brand, and they used to be the most widely-recommended company in the field, although I haven't seen reviews on this model specifically.

I can personally vouch for Holux and Qstarz, although GlobalSat and i-Blue have great reviews too.
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Joined Aug 2004
Sock Rocker
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Great info! I ahve been looking around fro these. Repped!!

I have a Motorola Q through Sprint and have been meaning to get a Bluetooth GPS to run with Google Maps, or Live Search on the Q. As anyone tried using one of these with Google Maps?
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Joined Jan 2004
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i edited/posted 3 good reviews on the $27 GPS into my post above.
must... resist... must... re... sist...
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Joined Dec 2004
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Yeah... I'm getting decent reviews on the $27 one too... though most reviews were done in open areas...

I live in a city and would beat myself up if I got that intead of the $40 one just to save $13 but have no sat sig.
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Joined Jul 2003
L7: Teacher
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I have been using the iblue 737 for about 8 months now and have nothing but praise for it -- battery life is great, time to get signal is great, and it's a small footprint! GREAT price too!! I bought mine for around $90!

also, that $27 is the older sirf star II chipset -- all the new ones are sirf star III !

EDIT: nvm, i thought the $27 was a different model, forget what I said about sirf star II
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Joined Aug 2007
L1: Learner
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I was wondering how this works. My wife got me a sprint palm treo 750. I have google maps. So far I can pull up directions and even see traffic. Well it says see traffic but I do not really understand it. What I am wondering is if any of the GPS units listed above will give my phone the capability to speak to me while I drive and show me as I move along my planned route. I have not been able to pull off these features with just google maps and I hope that a blue tooth receiver can help out my problems. On the other hand do any of these require a monthly fee? Thanks for all your help.
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