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RETIRED: My Coke Rewards Code Barter & Trade Market thread only - NO OT

afexion8 823 June 20, 2007 at 09:41 PM
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System Notice: This thread content has been automatically archived from another thread which reached post limit, and will be preserved for reference and archival purposes. The discussion should continue in the original thread

This thread is meant to focus on trading caps, flaps, and codes.
We can list what each member is trading,
we can list the current rates of popular trades
we can develop longer-term trading strategies that may benefit more members.
For example, when a person is one flap short for a large trade, another member could "front" that flap, then be repayed with interest (perhaps a cap?)
We could develop a procedure whereby a trusted regular could act as a mediator and hold the codes "in escrow" until the complete payment had been made to satisfy the trade.
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Community Wiki

Please keep this list limited to Traders only.

Questionable Traders List Frown

If someone did not complete their end of a trade and won't answer your PMs, post the details here (but keep it brief).

AlidarJarok -- Took over three months to complete a trade, but it did complete. Paid back & with interest.

Andrew Ryznar (ryznaa@u.washington.edu) -- sent half the caps and hasn't sent the other half in at least 2 months.

Andy6mac -- Dont trade with him. He sent me an invalid MCR flap code and wont replace it on a pepsi code trade

Autographs -- seems to keep removing his own name from this list.

BigBen102 -- from skibumintahoe .. never made good on a iTunes trade before he got permanently banned.

BrandonVA -- known not to respond or send back codes.

galdos718 -- Did complete trade, but nearly 25% already redeemed. Would not stick to the original agreement and nagged almost daily to change it. Also, on multiple separate occasions with various reputable traders, sent several invalid and already redeemed codes and did not respond to PMs asking for replacement codes. Now he's harassing me for discussing the bad trade with others. This person is a nut job Crazy .

inuyasha92, now VoltronLover, formerly kylerox92 -- Owes cokecrazy cap codes. Also, inuyasha92 tried to remove his own name from this questionable trader list. Also, Claimed code was for lower pt amount, wanted new code in the higher amount in addition, but would send no proof such as screenshot of recent point entries. Said was b/c there was already a high point today from another trader...but would not provide their name to check that either. Also, the codes he sent Rally were either invalid or already redeemed, but after a few weeks he has made good on the trade.
****NEW 3/13/08*** Inayusha92 partially stopped a PS/MCR trade with Hoe after she sent PS codes to him. He "sent back" most of her codes and said that he "just realized" he had 3 MCR caps to trade instead of the agrred upon 12 MCR caps. Hoe's codes were brand new, and from Pepsi's purchased by her and absolutely valid. Unfortunately, all codes were redeemed, after being exposed to Inuyasha92 and not fully paid for. Also, Inuyasha92 is not responding to PM from Hoe.***Update 3/16**** After many more PM's, several more lies by Inuyasha92, and other SD members revealing trade issues with Inuysaha92 - the coke caps owed to me by Inuyasha have been paid. Inuyasha92 is begging me to remove this from the Wiki. I believe in redemption, but Inuyasha92 has been deceptive and dishonest about the whole incident. His redemption lies in his future behavior not in me forgetting or removing these Wiki entries. Update on 3/28 I have done 2 trades with him and he has completed both in a timely matter Buddahman. Update 3/28 - (Regarding previous sentence) mbeta003 posted today that inayusha92 continues to be a poor trader. If you measure a trader by number of uncompleted and poor trades then inayusha92 is the worst.

KillerBees_1991 -- never sent codes to several people. Has blocked Private Messages.

murrdawg23 -- sent reedemed codes 4 different times for 3 good coke codes

Riggo -- never sent codes to several people.

TheCompGal--agreed to a trade, sent codes and sent campbells soup labels instead of box tops as per our trade agreement. Our school doesn't take soup labels and refuses to make it right. They are useless and she will not write me back. Very bad deal!

tropicanaaddict i traded him a 16 month Maxim subscription for his MCR account with the agreement that he would put codes in as he got more, but now he wants my account details so he can put the codes in himself (ya right)

VoltronLover - See details under Inuyasha92.

whitesoxwc (took 2 weeks to send codes to lisalag4, claimed internet not working, yet was still logging in to SD?)

Good Traders List Smilie

There used to be a good traders list, but it has been abandoned. Let's try this again here, but make it a little more useful. The rules are simple:
  1. Check to see if the person you're nominating is already listed here. If they are, simply add your name the the list of their supporters. This is important! Don't leave just because they are already listed; we want to see your support for them, too!
  2. If they are not listed, add their name in alphabetical order and put yourself as their first supporter. (Follow the format of nominee -- supporter, supporter, supporter.)
  3. You may not, under any circumstances, ever nominate yourself or add supporters to your own nomination. We can see who made the wiki edit and we will add you to the bad traders list. Also, don't delete somebody's listing because you had a bad trade with them; add them to the Questionable Traders Alert List instead; that way we can all see the claims both for and against.
Format: Nominee (them) on the left -- satisfied supporters/trade partners (you) on the right.

A1Saucey -- Haiku, HOKIE5, The Hunter, spiman

Abe Frohman -- SimplyDABulous

abposse -- fuzzbox, flapboy, spiman

AceViper -- The Hunter

adamboyer -- oldgreyguy, farmerK , nightowl62, spiman

afexion8 -- cnct_agl, SimplyDABulous

ajamc2 -- lisalag4

al_val2000 -- mbeta003

AlidarJarok -- (also on the Questionable Traders list) oboelynn, skibumintahoe, dana365, Peng, ducker, RallyR32, kking74

allabout42 -- skibumintahoe

allyn9 -- The Hunter, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous, Peng

alohasurf -- amdg

anaa (formerly qnqana) -- The Hunter

alrhea -- The Hunter

amdg -- lisalag4, alohasurf, inuyasha92

anbowden -- The Hunter

AndrewSellsTampaBay -- nightowl62, The Hunter, Junebug8, SportsFreebies, Dajoro, SimplyDABulous

Andy6mac -- The Hunter, coke1985, SimplyDABulous

ankank -- alohasurf, Dajoro, MichCamper, spiman

arghyle -- The Hunter

arkleseizure -- fuzzbox

asocasno -- oboelynn, nuuuuj, crsmartdude, donpaco2, lisalag4

atlBraves122 -- The Hunter, dana365, utahmaddie, SweetestDeals

ATPRM -- Michcamper, SuperMatt, SimplyDABulous (I didn't put this here, ATPRM did), bobbysbargains2, tbig19, stutters

b3nito303 -- The Hunter, flapboy, opharbour, SeaDawg, Junebug8, coke1985, SimplyDABulous

Baballoo -- The Hunter

badboy89120 -- The Hunter, MichCamper, coke1985

badbrad3492 -- RallyR32, kylerox92, galdos718, SeaDawg

bdfinder -- The Hunter, SeaDawg, SimplyDABulous, Diveborg, MichCamper, SweetestDeals

bigbad -- The Hunter, fuzzbox, SeaDawg, Melgard39,catguy25, Shelly, donpaco2

birdsw -- The Hunter

BJewels79 -- SeaDawg

blablabla -- SeaDawg

BlackRob183 -- skibumintahoe

bleys66 -- The Hunter, nightowl62, donpaco2, dartboard

blynk -- oboelynn, bookman708, skibumintahoe, dana365, pavementlicker, nuuuuj, pmhesse, Diveborg, RallyR32, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous

bmisaqi009 -- The Hunter

bobbysbargains2 -- Just_a_Bill, nightowl62, dartboard, ATPRM, Peng, ducker

bookman708 -- fuzzbox, skibumintahoe, dana365, Peng, nightowl62, General Kenobi, spiman, The Hunter, donpaco2, Diveborg, dartboard, flapboy, Hurdler4eva, wstingtyme, pogenwurst, jp1979, SimplyDABulous, steller7472

boone292929 --lisalag4

BradleyTank -- Diveborg

_Brandon_ --lisalag4, SimplyDABulous

BrgnHntr -- devilot, spiman, SimplyDABulous

Brice -- SimplyDABulous, MichCamper

bridgetbrannon -- fuzzbox

buddahman -- fuzzbox, dana365, nightowl62, Peng, The Hunter, MichCamper, Flapboy, SeaDawg, dartboard, spiman, SimplyDABulous, Melgard39, steller7472, Dajoro, Eeyore61172, inuyasha92, opharbour, talija81, oboelynn,donpaco2,bookman708

buddy72192 -- egavacsaw, The Hunter, MichCamper, oboelynn

Burbaq -- The Hunter

butterfly719 -- kking74

catguy25 -- Robynicious,Dartboard,Chef Parm,The Hunter,Diveborg,Flapboy,SeaDawg,Kbmmc,Jp1979, Melgard39, fly4rabbi, coke1985, spiman

caydensmom -- oboelynn, oldgreyguy, nightowl62, cnct_agl, lisalag4, Peng, nightowl62, spiman, donpaco2, Diveborg, Knut, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, Peng

cbear33 -- Junebug8, donpaco2, flapboy, fly4rabbi, spiman

cdman -- Just_a_Bill, oboelynn, farmerK, bookman708, skibumintahoe, The Hunter, coke1985, oldgreyguy, cnct_agl, Peng, pavementlicker, goliathpj, FEVER2006, lilrehm25, allyn9, ducker, egavacsaw, gatormarc, CindyB, kking74, Knut, utahmaddie, jmplionel, qkrisq, catguy25, steller7472, opharbour

celjla212 -- The Hunter

chaegele -- Just_a_Bill

Chef Parm -- The Hunter, lilrehm25, donpaco2, steller7472, gatormarc, SimplyDABulous, qkrisq, catguy25, opharbour

Chip3Bag -- The Hunter

chris1152 -- SimplyDABulous

Chynna Princess -- The Hunter, spiman

CindyB -- Monocerus, Peng, cdman, Diveborg, wstingtyme, imi26dude

clrock -- lisalag4

cnct_agl -- The Hunter, dana365, Peng, lilrehm25, Diveborg, dartboard, SimplyDABulous

cobalt60 -- wstingtyme

codelover -- General Kenobi, goliathpj

coke07 - pogenwurst, fly4rabbi

coke1985 -- Peng, goliathpj, oldgreyguy , nightowl62, Sialis, gatormarc, FEVER2006, UofIgirl2000, pavementlicker, The Hunter, HeavilyArmed, lisalag4, wecotah, Junebug8, Knut, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, catguy25, donpaco2, Melgard39, qkrisq

cokecrazy -- The Hunter, dana365, cnct_agl, nightowl62, spiman, HalAshton, dartboard, oboelynn, SeaDawg

ColleenLovesYou -- fly4rabbi

Compradora -- The Hunter

cookiecutter588 -- The Hunter, MichCamper

CrazyinLA -- SimplyDABulous

creinbold - wstingtyme, The Hunter

crsmartdude -- The Hunter, donpaco2, SeaDawg

d206 -- General Kenobi, buddahman

dajoro -- steller7472, ducker, Peng

dallain22 -- Voldermort800, Loach33, Buddahman, FEVER2006, Scampsters, Peng, oboelynn, pavementlicker, MichCamper, Wecotah

dana365 -- oboelynn, farmerK, skibumintahoe, oldgreyguy, cnct_agl, Peng, xeal, goliathpj, opharbour, pmhesse, ducker, buddahman, egavacsaw, donpaco2, FEVER2006, hcow33, utahmaddie, MichCamper, atlBraves122, supermatt

danb22 -- donpaco2, SimplyDABulous

dartboard - lisapdreamer, cnct_agl, bookman708, Peng, xeal, nuuuuj, FEVER2006, vforvendetta, ducker, buddahman, HalAshton, macwiff, kking74, MrMoJoe, Utahmaddie, The Hunter, steller7472, esutrack, Eeyore61172, SVS, SimplyDABulous, catguy25, qkrisq, supermatt, Peng, opharbour

Dave038 -- The Hunter

DaveFL -- skibumintahoe, MichCamper, lilrehm25, Flapboy, SeaDawg, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

dcinbama -- General Kenobi

deals_r_us -- General Kenobi, donpaco2

DeathCab -- nightowl62

Decadance -- The Hunter

Dennugsmello15 -- The Hunter, bookman708, SeaDawg, Diveborg

DeputyStankus -- fuzzbox, SeaDawg

devilot -- BrgnHntr, galdos718, MichCamper, donpaco2, spiman

dimshady81 -- JVplants, oboelynn

diveborg -- farmerK, spiman, oldgreyguy, lilrehm25, ducker, HalAshton, daveFL, FEVER2006, b3nito303, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, jmplionel, snavem, catguy25, The Hunter, Melgard39

DNC -- The Hunter, cnct_agl, donpaco2, SimplyDABulous

donpaco2 -- skibumintahoe, The Hunter, dana365, Peng, nuuuuj, crsmartdude, General Kenobi, bookman708, gatormarc, farmerK, SeaDawg, FEVER2006, skinsfan05,hcow33, smmiller, utahmaddie, lisalag4, oboelynn, wecotah, esutrack, devilot, SimplyDABulous, coke1985, skylar658, seven7seven, opharbour, qkrisq

driver4um -- nuuuuj, fly4rabbi

ducker -- The Hunter, flapboy, SeaDawg, Diveborg,Junebug8, dartboard, donpaco2, rallyr32, Dajoro, fuzzbox

eaglezzz -- The Hunter, nightowl62, Peng, General Kenobi, HalAshton, SeaDawg, FEVER2006

eeyore61172 -- The Hunter, MichCamper, steller7472, Thur34, catguy25, spiman

Egaas -- The Hunter

egavacsaw -- The Hunter, MichCamper

emdog -- donpaco2

esutrack -- SeaDawg, utahmaddie, dartboard, donpaco2, Melgard39, spiman

evanmav -- The Hunter

evilimp56 --General Kenobi, oldgreyguy

farmerK -- The Hunter, Haiku, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Diveborg, b3nito303, MichCamper, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous

fatddrfreak -- Just_a_Bill, skibumintahoe

Faye Valentine -- The Hunter

FEVER2006 -- Just_a_Bill, oboelynn, skibumintahoe, JLB, coke1985, dana365, oldgreyguy, nightowl62, nuuuuj, The Hunter, spiman, ducker, buddahman, mescubatoo, jerryxmas, donpaco2, SeaDawg, flapboy, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous

flapboy -- opharbour, yatez112, nuuuuj, daveFL, b3nito303, bookman708, MichCamper, xeal, oldgreyguy, silly_girl06, steller7472, The Hunter, catguy25, Peng, loach33

FlapFather -- MichCamper, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, Peng

flevius -- fuzzbox

Flong -- General Kenobi, snavem

fly4rabbi -- skylar658, steller7472. ColleenLovesYou,catguy25, SimplyDABulous, ducker, opharbour, STLUCIELADY

fountainhead -- General Kenobi, MeScubaToo, b3nito303

FoxfireKid -- MichCamper, coke1985, Diveborg

FP55 -- flapboy, coke1985, SimplyDABulous, oldgreyguy, donpaco2

fredflinstoned -- The Hunter, coke1985

freebiefan21 -- The Hunter

freefun4every1 -- The Hunter

fuzzbox -- Just_a_Bill, bookman708, Peng, nuuuuj, opharbour, nl0013, pmhesse, buddahman, oboelynn, Eeyore61172, steller7472, gatormarc, ducker, jmplionel, qkrisq, skylar658, deputystankus, SimplyDABulous

galdos718 -- devilot, Badbrad3492, steller7472, ducker, gatormarc, qkrisq, STLUCIELADY

gatormarc -- donpaco2, coke1985, MichCamper, SeaDawg, rallyr32, junebug8, spiman, fuzzbox

gc1992 -- The Hunter

General Kenobi -- The Hunter, opharbour, bookman708, coke1985, donpaco2, jmplionel, SimplyDABulous

gman1247 -- has been permanently banned -- farmerK, skibumintahoe, dana365, not!!!, General Kenobi, donpaco2, lisalag4

goksu - opharbour

goliathpj -- The Hunter, MichCamper, General Kenobi, coke1985, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Seatbelt99, b3nito303, spiman, Melgard39

googlekid -- donpaco2

gr1mee -- lisalag4

GreenTwinkie -- SweetestDeals

h20lily -- The Hunter

Haiku -- MichCamper, spiman, oboelynn, skibumintahoe, bookman708, nightowl62, farmerK, Diveborg

HalAshton -- The Hunter, xgeek , nightowl62, SeaDawg, Diveborg, wstingtyme, Eeyore61172

hcow33 -- The Hunter, nightowl62, General Kenobi, spiman, junebug8, donpaco2, coke1985, Diveborg, jp1979, MichCamper, wstingtyme, flapboy

HeavilyArmed -- MichCamper, The Hunter, coke1985, Melgard39

hiway967 -- The Hunter, Peng, Haiku, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

hlsawdust -- MichCamper

Hoe -- The Hunter

HOKIES5 -- SimplyDABulous

homeslicer -- The Hunter, nightowl62, flapboy, donpaco2, Diveborg, utahmaddie, wstingtyme

HotCorner -- nightowl62

hurdler4eva -- The Hunter, Peng, Wstingtyme, Knut, murphy_boo, bookman708, nuuuuj, MichCamper, oboelynn

IceGirl2u - gatormarc, skylar658

imi26dude -- The Hunter, b3nito303

infpunn -- The Hunter

inuyasha92 -- (previously kylerox92, now VoltronLover)Would only trade if he goes first!], has multiple bad/incomplete trades listed in the Questionable trader section as well. -- RallyR32, steller7472, devilot, wecotah, lisalag4, amdg, Buddahman

JackBurton -- The Hunter, oldgreyguy, HalAshton, kking74, oboelynn, snavem, catguy25, supermatt, Imerson

jbbiggers -- The Hunter, SeaDawg

jbrowns22 -- The Hunter

jcsrfun -- donpaco2, The Hunter

jdadou -- The Hunter

jen1972 -- donpaco2

JennJenn -- The Hunter

jerryxmas -- jp1979, oldgreyguy, Peng (140 trades), pavementlicker, FEVER2006, lilrehm25, allyn9, silly_girl06, sh776, racefan6, Diveborg, Smiles11

JLB -- Just_a_Bill, nightowl62

JLD0223 - gatormarc, Diveborg

jmplionel -- General Kenobi, spiman, SeaDawg, fuzzbox, SimplyDABulous, Diveborg, oboelynn

JO_EY70 -- pavementlicker, lilrehm25, utahmaddie, SimplyDABulous, SweetestDeals

johnnyd55 -- The Hunter

Joker_here -- farmerK

jonbigarlo -- Melgard39

Jonsri -- The Hunter, dana365, nightowl62, RugratsGalore, coke1985, General Kenobi, donpaco2, utahmaddie

joshb -- donpaco2

joylyn7769 -- donpaco2, SeaDawg, Spiman

jp1979 -- pmhesse, jerryxmas, SeaDawg, lisalag4, qkrisq, skylar658, catguy25

jtroye32 -- racefan6

Judyharmon3 -- SeaDawg, The Hunter

junebug8 -- skinsfan05, Sialis, kking74, b3nito303, ducker,hcow33, coke1985, SuzieBee20, gatormarc, utahmaddie, steller7472

Just_a_Bill -- fuzzbox, skibumintahoe, JLB, xeal, bookman708, Peng, FEVER2006, crsmartdude, coke1985, SeaDawg, b3nito303, SimplyDABulous

JVPlants -- cnct_agl, SeaDawg, spiman

kathicake1 -- The Hunter, coke1985, allyn9, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

Katierysz -- MichCamper, coke1985

KennyS2006 -- oldgreyguy, SimplyDABulous

kbmmc -- SeaDawg, catguy25

kboyts -- donpaco2, SimplyDABulous, amdg, SeaDawg

kking74 -- The Hunter, junebug8, SeaDawg, wstingtyme

knut -- Just_a_Bill, skibumintahoe, dana365, oldgreyguy, bookman708, The Hunter, coke1985, MichCamper, SeaDawg, b3nito303, m4jesus39

kutty -- SeaDawg

kwhit14 -- supermatt

kylerox92 -- (was inuyasha92, now VoltronLover)Would only trade if he goes first!, has multiple bad/incomplete trades listed in the Questionable trader section as well. -- RallyR32, steller7472, devilot, wecotah

ldyxmecca -- General Kenobi

lastlydreaming -- fuzzbox, The Hunter, coke1985, flapboy, donpaco2, spiman

Lessa3173 -- The Hunter, coke1985, oldgreyguy, cnct_agl, nuuuuj, HalAshton

lightdark (also on the Questionable Traders list) -- The Hunter, RallyR32, flapboy

lilrehm25 -- pavementlicker, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

lisalag4 -- nightowl62, donpaco2, SeaDawg, coke1985, amdg

lisapdreamer -- The Hunter, SeaDawg, dartboard, donpaco2, flapboy

loach33 -- fuzzbox, Just_a_Bill, skibumintahoe, The Hunter, nightowl62, flapboy, SeaDawg, junebug8, coke1985

loppyfoot -- fuzzbox, The Hunter

lucky star -- The Hunter

markcol -- The Hunter, bookman708

luke04191991 -- spiman

markwut -- The Hunter

matt_annie -- The Hunter, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

mc316 -- The Hunter, MichCamper

melgard39 -- SVS, goliathpj, HeavilyArmed, skylar658, catguy25, MichCamper, opharbour, SeaDawg, STLUCIELADY, coke1985, buddahman, Peng, yatez112, Diveborg, qkrisq, mommaof2, smthgfierce

melovecookies -- wstingtyme

MichCamper -- oboelynn, atprm, farmerK, skibumintahoe, JLB, oldgreyguy, Peng, goliathpj, FEVER2006, General Kenobi, spiman, silly_girl06, UofIgirl2000, The Hunter, Sialis, daveFL, donpaco2, RallyR32, skinsfan05, gatormarc, flapboy, HeavilyArmed, 2travel, SuzieBee20, steller7472, utahmaddie, pogenwurst, hlsawdust, Eeyore61172, supermatt, katierysz, devilot, egavacsaw, Hurdler4eva, snavem, Melgard39, ankank, qkrisq,catguy25

mjfulgham -- The Hunter

MMSherrill -- The Hunter, coke1985

mnky4jesus -- The Hunter

moline7 -- The Hunter

mommaof2 -- skibumintahoe, oldgreyguy, farmerK, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous, Melgard39

MONOCERUS -- skibumintahoe, cnct_agl, MichCamper, b3nito303, SimplyDABulous

MrMoJoe -- MichCamper, SeaDawg

mrmoney -- The Hunter

murg2318 -- fuzzbox,

Murphy_boo -- RugratsGalore, Hurdler4eva, utahmaddie

musicmark -- The Hunter, bookman708

mydecember -- The Hunter

myuzername -- steller7472, katierysz

Nat E Gann -- The Hunter

nightowl62 -- oboelynn, JLB,Peng, nuuuuj, opharbour, Penguinlover, FEVER2006, wizard13, General Kenobi, HalAshton, bookman708, coke1985, mbeta003, donpaco2, hcow33, lisalag4, SimplyDABulous, BrgnHntr, smthgfierce

NightVessel -- General Kenobi

nl0013 -- fuzzbox

nohooiam -- The Hunter

nothingnew -- Just_a_Bill

nuuuuj -- oldgreyguy, nightowl62, fuzzbox, flapboy, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Diveborg, Hurdler4eva, utahmaddie, The Hunter, SimplyDABulous

oboelynn -- fuzzbox, skibumintahoe, jp1979, dana365, utahmaddie, nightowl62, FEVER2006, spiman, The Hunter, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Diveborg, b3nito303, Thur34, SimplyDABulous, jmplionel, opharbour

OldGreyGuy -- skibumintahoe, dana365, Utahmaddie, Evilimp56, nuuuuj, vforvendetta, spiman, xgeek, bookman708, coke1985, flapboy, fp55

opharbour -- The Hunter, nightowl62, General Kenobi, skibumintahoe, flapboy, b3nito303, Seatbelt99, fuzzbox, Melgard39, spiman, fly4rabbi,buddahman, oboelynn, smmiller, donpaco2

oshiekosh -- MichCamper

ou885 -- The Hunter

packdmail -- The Hunter, crsmartdude, nuuuuj, bookman708, ducker, coke1985, sialis, kking74, RallyR32, b3nito303, hcow33, wecotah, smmiller,retsbar, Hurdler4eva, Baballoo, Eeyore61172, atlBraves122, SimplyDABulous, oboelynn, MichCamper, Ramhawk

past199 -- The Hunter

PayItForward -- Just_a_Bill, farmerK, skibumintahoe, The Hunter, cnct_agl, Peng, FEVER2006, goliathpj, allyn9, lilrehm25, bookman708, CindyB, donpaco2, Diveborg, b3nito303, coke1985, Hurdler4eva, 2travel, utahmaddie, steller7472, lisalag4, oboelynn, Cindy Wheeler, SimplyDABulous, catguy25

Peng -- The Hunter, jp1979, coke1985, dana365, Fuzzbox, nightowl62, cnct_agl, bookman708, goliathpj, FEVER2006, General Kenobi, spiman, xgeek, utahmaddie, oldgreyguy, HalAshton, jerryxmas, CindyB, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Diveborg, Seatbelt99, dartboard, flapboy, Hurdler4eva, Thur34, Dajoro, Eeyore61172, Melgard39, SimplyDABulous

penguinlover -- The Hunter, nightowl62, MichCamper

pinstheone -- farmerK, Peng, fuzzbox, spiman, lisalag4

pitt23fan -- gatormarc

pmhesse -- fuzzbox, The Hunter, jp1979

pogenwurst -- MichCamper, SeaDawg, Melgard39

Postman245 -- lisalag4

qc86 -- The Hunter

qkrisq -- jp1979, dartboard, Melgard39, donpaco2

racefan6 -- Jerryxmas

RallyR32 -- The Hunter, dana365, oldgreyguy, spiman, HalAshton, FEVER2006, Utahmaddie, Diveborg, kylerox92, gatormarc, 2travel, pogenwurst, steller7472, Badbrad3492, supermatt, catguy25, Melgard39

ramhawk -- The Hunter, dana365, utahmaddie, donpaco2, SimplyDABulous, MichCamper

raynepoe -- MeScubaToo, SeaDawg

RelientFan -- PhucilliJerry

RETSBAR -- General Kenobi, coke1985, snavem


rouma -- SeaDawg, SimplyDABulous

RugratsGalore -- Murphy_boo

RVD12 -- Just_a_Bill

sbagdon -- Just_a_Bill, skibumintahoe, FEVER2006, buddahman, HalAshton, SeaDawg, LukeHowt, crsmartdude, opharbour, hcow33, SVS, smmiller, oboelynn, gatormarc, fp55

Scampsters -- The Hunter, Diveborg, flapboy

ScottyBigGunz -- Melgard39, AceViper, qkrisq, savethelinoleum, SimplyDABulous, coke1985, skylar658, catguy25

Seatbelt99 -- goliathpj, opharbour, farmerK, jp1979, gatormarc

SeaDawg -- Just_a_Bill, oboelynn, farmerK, skibumintahoe, bookman708, Peng, nuuuuj, goliathpj, FEVER2006, crsmartdude, spiman, buddahman, HalAshton, ducker, mbeta003, daveFL, donpaco2, kking74, b3nito303, jp1979, JVPlants, smmiller, Badbrad3492, lisalag4, pogenwurst, utahmaddie, jmplionel, SimplyDABulous, catguy25, deputystankus, Melgard39, steller7472, loach33

SeekerRex -- skibumintahoe, nightowl62, FEVER2006, General Kenobi, coke1985, SimplyDABulous

seven7seven -- The Hunter, nightowl62, coke1985, ducker, flapboy, donpaco2

sggrant323 -- steller7472

shamoo -- The Hunter

shayniferd -- lisalag4

shelly -- MichCamper, Diveborg,catguy25

sialis -- The Hunter, coke1985, junebug8

Silenoz -- SimplyDABulous

silly_girl06 -- MichCamper, jerryxmas, flapboy

SimplyDABulous -- oldgreyguy, nightowl62, cnct_agl, Peng, Penguinlover, FEVER2006, farmerK, General Kenobi, lilrehm25, nuuuuj, Utahmaddie, HalAshton, bookman708, The Hunter, daveFL, Diveborg, donpaco2, inuyasha92, jmplionel, BrgnHntr, coke1985, fly4rabbi, ATPRM, fp55, SeaDawg, katierysz, devilot,catguy25

SithScorch -- SimplyDABulous

skibumintahoe -- Just_a_Bill, oboelynn, farmerK, bookman708, oldgreyguy, cnct_agl, opharbour, FEVER2006, coke1985, spiman, Utahmaddie, xgeek, The Hunter, HalAshton, MichCamper, nightowl62, flapboy, donpaco2, SeaDawg, Diveborg, kking74, b3nito303, pogenwurst, Eeyore61172

skinsfan05 -- The Hunter, donpaco2, Junebug8

skipadedodah -- SweetestDeals

skylar658 -- The Hunter, b3nito303, jp1979, fuzzbox, SimplyDABulous, Melgard39, fly4rabbi, spiman, steller7472, donpaco2

slick99338 -- The Hunter

slothsd -- The Hunter

smamma3 -- The Hunter

smmiller -- The Hunter, spiman, donpaco2, SeaDawg, wstingtyme, fly4rabbi, opharbour

smrtshppr42 -- skibumintahoe, MichCamper

smthgfierce -- Melgard39

snapfish man -- Melgard39, Diveborg

snavem -- Diveborg

sobrien82 -- The Hunter, lisalag4

Socceric9 -- The Hunter

spiman -- oboelynn, bookman708, skibumintahoe, jp1979, Peng, FEVER2006, ducker, SeaDawg, RallyR32, mbeta003, smmiller, steller7472, Eeyore61172, xeal, BrgnHntr, jmplionel, fp55, esutrack, devilot, opharbour, catguy25, skylar658, stutters

SportsFreebies -- The Hunter, coke1985

spyder16 -- SeaDawg

StarNova -- The Hunter, donpaco2

starrr -- The Hunter

steller7472 -- MichCamper, The Hunter, inuyasha92, wstingtyme, Dajoro, Eeyore61172, flapboy, fuzzbox, jp1979, fly4rabbi, skylar658

STLUCIELADY -- fuzzbox, farmerK, nightowl62, skibumintahoe, mbeta003, Melgard39, fly4rabbi

StonecutterJeff -- The Hunter

stutters -- The Hunter, spiman

su1979 -- MichCamper, Dajoro

Sublime1987 -- The Hunter

sunnee -- The Hunter, oldgreyguy, skibumintahoe, SimplyDABulous

sunny05 -- The Hunter, SimplyDABulous

super1221 -- fly4rabbi, donpaco2, steller7472, Melgard39

SuperMatt - formally known as matt82191 -- RallyR32, utahmaddie, MichCamper, kwhit14, dartboard, ATPRM

suziebee20 -- The Hunter, junebug8

SVS -- Melgard39

SweetestDeals -- The Hunter

takoma97-- fly4rabbi, Melgard39

talija81 -- qkrisq, steller7472

Taz4me6 -- The Hunter

tbig19 -- AceViper, skinsfan05, lisalag4, fly4rabbi, ATPRM

teaserX -- steller7472, catguy25

tengo -- ankank

thebullpicker -- General Kenobi

The Hunter -- cnct_agl, Peng, Xeal, seven7seven, opharbour, Penguinlover, FEVER2006, wizard13, yatez112, General Kenobi, goliathpj, pmhesse, buddahman, smmiller, farmerK, HalAshton, bookman708, coke1985, AceViper, MichCamper, ducker, 2travel, Sialis, donpaco2, skinsfan05, b3nito303, egavacsaw, SportsFreebies, wecotah, HeavilyArmed, unity311unity, SuzieBee20, Hurdler4eva, steller7472, Utahmaddie. Baballoo, tinatark, Eeyore61172, atlBraves122, oboelynn, flapboy, SimplyDABulous, catguy25, dartboard, Diveborg, stutters, loach33

TheOldinOut -- The Hunter

THEpiGUY -- The Hunter

311heaven -- The Hunter

Thur34 -- Utahmaddie, oboelynn, Eeyore61172, Peng, SimplyDABulous

tinatark -- The Hunter

TJmurray -- Eeyore61172

TMCole -- esutrack, b3nito303

Toby16custom -- MichCamper, Rally, The Hunter

todo -- The Hunter

tofu123 -- The Hunter

toolsmack -- skibumintahoe

trademe -- farmerK, Just_a_Bill

trey33 -- The Hunter

TritontroN -- fuzzbox, farmerK, skibumintahoe, bookman708, Peng, FEVER2006, General Kenobi, spiman, HalAshton, mbeta003, donpaco2, lisalag4

Trixi -- The Hunter

TRoosevelt -- The Hunter, cnct_agl, spiman, Diveborg, SimplyDABulous

2travel -- The Hunter, SeaDawg, MichCamper, RallyR32, utahmaddie, wstingtyme

UofIgirl2000 - MichCamper, coke1985

unity311unity -- The Hunter, steller7472

utahmaddie - wstingtyme, MichCamper, dartboard, atlBraves122, supermatt, Thur34, coke1985, SeaDawg, Diveborg

velvet396 -- The Hunter

VendorGuy -- farmerK, SimplyDABulous, Diveborg

verbose -- Eeyore61172

vforvendetta -- oldgreyguy

VGC -- The Hunter, egavacsaw, RalyR32, coke1985, SimplyDABulous

viking101 -- The Hunter, spiman, pogenwurst, Shelly, steller7472, opharbour

Voldermort800 -- The Hunter, nightowl62, General Kenobi, spiman, flapboy, donpaco2, Dajoro, SimplyDABulous

wecotah -- The Hunter, coke1985, donpaco2, pogenwurst

WheelInDeal - MichCamper

whitesoxwc -- The Hunter, spiman, (took 2 weeks to send codes to lisalag4, claimed internet not working, yet was still logging in to SD?)

WiggyWoo -- SimplyDABulous

williebwalking -- The Hunter, nightowl62, flapboy

wizard13 -- The Hunter, nightowl62

xeal -- Just_a_Bill, The Hunter, dartboard, flapboy

xgeek -- skibumintahoe, oldgreyguy, Peng

yankeefan234686 -- MichCamper, SeaDawg

yatez112 -- MichCamper, The Hunter, flapboy, donpaco2, FEVER2006, coke1985, SimplyDABulous, Melgard39, opharbour

zero999 -- donpaco2

zscore -- daveFL

zygote - ankank

Other Stuff Scratchchin

Info on Trading Papa John Codes: (now expired, right?)

- Please only trade PJ codes to those who specifically ask for them.
- Do not substitute them for a 10-point flap code in your trades.
- PJ codes can generally be identified by the first character of A, 9, or 0
- More specifically having the first two characters of - AA, A9, A4, A0, 9X, 9W, 9V, 9T, 9K, 9B, 96, 94, 90, 0X, 0L, OR, OT, OV, 4V, 4W, 4T
- This does not always hold true but is a pretty good guide to help filter out your 10-point codes.

why trade caps for flaps and vice versa?

Some people can only enter in a few codes a day (some even less), so it makes sense for them to trade away their flaps so that they'll maximize their... umm... pointage (15 points in caps is better than a single 10-point flap).

For the other people, who have caps to spare and can enter in 10 caps a day every day, it makes sense to them to, again, maximize their pointage, by entering in 10-point flaps instead of 3-point caps.

If the trade ratio isn't too one-sided, both parties benefit greatly from trading this way. {The Hunter}


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Snape is Sexy....
823 Reputation
Original Poster
NOPE - the flaps are gone...I have three flaps....I would like to get 6 caps for each - NO flaps right now.
I also have a 100 point code...I would like to get 15-18 flaps, or some combination of caps and flaps.
I still have the 100 pointer - will take 12 flaps...

I can get more 100 point codes, but I prefer to trade down to flaps, because I rarely have enough codes to enter every day.
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I have one Pepsi Cap will trade for 2 Coke caps.
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I have Pepsi codes willing to trade for Coke codes PM me if interested.
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I have about 250 MCR caps if anyone is interested...looking everywhere for TYS pepsi caps! PM me!
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I have one Coke cap, and (probably) one Dr. Pepper cap that I'm willing to trade for your Mountain Dew Transform Your Summer codes. I usually trade one for one, let me know if you're interested.


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I have a lot of coke caps. I am looking to trade for flaps. I will do 4 or maybe 5 (if you have a bunch) to a flap if you want, depends on how much you offer. PM me.
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I have one TransformYourSummer cap code that I'll trade for Coke Rewards codes. PM me if you're interested.
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I will trade Dr. pepper for MCR codes. (I want Dr. Pepper codes)

MCR codes will be from Flaps (10 pointers).

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I have close to 100 MCR caps to trade for TYS caps. I also need 14 Dr. pepper codes. pm me thanks. Since im new i will send you the codes first.
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i alway do trade my 6 caps for 1 flap pm with trades.
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Quote from kingofms View Post :
I will trade Dr. pepper for MCR codes. (I want Dr. Pepper codes)

MCR codes will be from Flaps (10 pointers).

i have about 12 dr. pepper codes (flaps) if you still havnt traded them. i was thinking about focusing on that dr. pepper bubble thing enstead of mcr, so i started colecting the codes, but now im really close to the prize i want to get (super mario for the wii) Smilie . pm me if you are interested
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I have MCR caps to trade for flaps at the rate of 6 to 1.
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