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J_B_1212 08-06-2009 07:22 PM

Samsung 50" Plasma 1080P PN50B650 $1089.99 + SH
PCMall [] has the Samsung PN50B650 for $1799.99 - $710 Instant Rebate = $1089.99 + Shipping

Rapierky 08-06-2009 07:45 PM

$149 in shipping :shake:

DocuMaker 08-07-2009 12:27 AM

Even with $150 in shipping, $1240 out the door is a pretty good price. I have a local retailer who for the last month would sell me one for $1259 out the door, including the steep 9.5% tax in my state.

But is this place reputable? Are they authorized Samsung dealers? If so, this posting is worth a thumbs up.

J_B_1212 08-07-2009 05:23 AM


Originally Posted by DocuMaker (Post 21919861)
But is this place reputable? Are they authorized Samsung dealers? If so, this posting is worth a thumbs up.

They are an authorized Samsung dealer. []

laier19usa 08-07-2009 08:29 AM

Don't forget 3% Bing cashback either.

largeman 08-07-2009 08:39 AM

Do you guys prefer the LN650 or the PN650, I'm debating between plasma and lcd. Ive got a friend that has the LN and blurays look great (I like the live look), but I've read alot of great reviews for the plasma.

DocuMaker 08-07-2009 11:13 AM

the differences in lcd vs. pdp are well known. the b650 lcd will not look as good off-angle, especially in the dark. watch a movie with black bars in the dark, and then move just a teensy bit away from the sweet spot in the center, and the black bars start to turn bluish. colors wash out. it is still possible to notice this in the store, if you have been trained to know what to look for, but most people can't easily see it in the bright showroom, because the lights are so bright and the tv's are all running in torch mode at maximum output. but when you get the lcd home, and under more moderate lighting, you will need to tone it down a bit, and take the backlight down, otherwise you will fry your eyes after watching it very long.

it is very easy to spot the off-angle problems and screen uniformity problems (clouding/flashlights) with lcd in the dark, but not as easy in the bright showroom. too bad most consumers are not aware of this when they go shopping for tvs. also, since lcd's are so bright, samsung coats their lcd with a jet-black filter. much darker than on their plasmas. so in very bright conditions the lcd's in the store will actually hold their contrast better, and appear to have better blacks.

but once again, take it home, and watch in the dark, and a good plasma will easily give a much better picture than the lcd.

the main knock on the sammy b650 pdp is that it might buzz loud enough to bother you. some people have not had trouble with them, and others have sent them back because the plasma buzzed too loud. there are a number of factors to consider, including the room environment, ambient noise levels, and the person's hearing abilities.

the other thing to worry about is image retention on the plasma. rarely is it ever permanent these days, unless someone abuses their set, but it's still a possibility, and some people are simply paranoid. this is not a worry with the lcd. you have to be more careful about leaving static images on the plasma for extended periods of time. you should mix up your content, not watching movies or 4:3 tv all the time with black bars. this will unevenly age the panel. i know it sounds scary, but us plasma fans know that an extra precaution or two is worth a better picture with very wide viewing angles.

lcd's generally do not do motion nearly as well as pdp's, so that is one more thing in favor of the pdp. when it comes to fast action or sports, the pdp will show more moving resolution with less artifacts.

there are always exceptions, but as a general rule of thumb, if your room is exceedingly bright all the time, and rarely do you ever watch your tv in moderate to dark lighting conditions, then lcd may be the better choice for you. i am not talking about one or two lamps on in the room at night. that is moderate. i am talking about a room that is often bathed in sunlight, where you cannot close the curtains or blinds. lcd might be a better choice in that situation.

we pdp fans will never find lcd's acceptable until they resolve the issues with the viewing angles and the fast motion.

i'm sure many lcd fans will never consider pdp until they are 100% positive that they will never get a trace of burn-in.

if you do decide to go with the sammy plasma, just be prepared to possibly have to return it if it buzzes too loud. all plasmas can buzz a teeny bit, just like the 60 hz hum that many say they hear on their old tube tv's. many people's dvr or x-box or ps3 buzz or whir louder than a plasma. so some buzzing is normal, but should only be heard in a totally quiet room (like late at night), with the sound down. with the sound at normal levels it should not be distracting. but some have reported that even at 15 feet, with the volume at normal levels, their sammy plasmas are buzzing too loud. others jump for joy and claim they don't hear any buzz. sometimes the back of the panel may be vibrating a bit and gently pushing on the back in certain places helps. a fix would be to try to rest something gently against the back of the panel to cut down on the vibration. but in all honesty, most of the buzzing complaints are coming from the power supply and circuitry inside, and few are a result of actually having a power cable or something loose on the panel rattling.

other manufacturers, such as pioneer and panasonic for example, in other model years, have had similar issues as with the samsungs this year. i must tip my hat to panasonic, their plasmas are generally pretty quiet this year.

SavvyShopGuy 08-07-2009 11:21 AM

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You can buy a Panasonic TC-P50G15 highly rated plasma for as low as $1,279 right now with free shipping. Also, there is a Panasonic MIR through the 15th that you can use to get a FREE DMPBD60 Blu-Ray player.

They will reimburse up to $200 on the Blu-Ray player and since the DMPBD60 sells for $200 or less, you get it free. Rebate attached...

DocuMaker 08-07-2009 12:50 PM

if one can get the panny g15 from a reputable dealer for the same price as the b650 with a fre blu ray player thrown in to boot, i might have to say go with the g15, even though dollar for dollar i prefer the picture, features, styling on the b650 samsung. but a g15 is still a very nice tv with excellent blacks and great contrast ratio, and if you can hock the blu ray player and save a hundred and fifty bucks over the samsung i certainly wouldn't begrudge anyone that. i still prefer the samsung for the same price, because it also has better features, better picture controls, and classier styling.

i despise samsung as a company however, for hiring that sick, twisted, devil-worshipping individual, who is a blight on our society, famed for biting off the head of bats in his concerts, to pitch their ads.

i'm tempted to boycott samsung for this reason alone.

charlie hustle 08-07-2009 12:55 PM

Might wanna put a comma before "alone" in that sentence, unless the rest of the Women's Christian Temperance Union is joining you.

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